Part III. Samba Subsystems

Table of Contents

9. RPC Pluggable Modules
General Overview
10. VFS Modules
The Samba (Posix) VFS layer
The general interface
Possible VFS operation layers
The Interaction between the Samba VFS subsystem and the modules
Initialization and registration
How the Modules handle per connection data
Upgrading to the New VFS Interface
Upgrading from 2.2.* and 3.0alpha modules
Some Notes
Implement TRANSPARENT functions
Implement OPAQUE functions
11. The smb.conf file
Lexical Analysis
Handling of Whitespace
Handling of Line Continuation
Line Continuation Quirks
About params.c
12. Samba WINS Internals
WINS Failover
13. LanMan and NT Password Encryption
How does it work?
The smbpasswd file